Cerisse Palalagi

November 1, 2007

E moe i te wahine ringa raweke

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“E moe i te wahine ringa raweke” – Marry the woman with busy hands
an all women Maori printmakers show
featuring new works by:
Natalie Couch
Vanessa Edwards
Sam Farquhar
Ruth Green Cole
Cerisse Palalagi
Exhibition Statement
byVanessa Edwards

“The title was adapted from an old Maori whakatauki that was said to young women when seeking a husband,
“E moe i te tane ringa raupa – marry the man with workers hands.
This exhibition is a visual comment on the many roles and complex lives that m
aori woman maintain in Te Ao Marama.
Maori women today need to be competent and confident in navigating between the pakeha world and the Maori world, the individual space (self) and the collective space (whanau).
Our art practise is often a private space for the individual to explore personal perspectives and expressions. However the works themselves continue to reference our connection to something bigger than ourselves.
These works illustrate a visual narrative that constantly redefines our roles, our stance and our place in the many contexts we as Maori women negotiate daily.”
The exhibition runs from October 27th- November 23rd, 20007
19 Allen Street
Courtenay Quater
t +64 4 802 4934
e : info@kuragallery.co.nz
Gallery hours
Monday – Thursday 10am – 6pm
Late night Friday 10am – 8pm
Saturday & Sunday 11am – 4pm

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